A real opportunity to enter the world of classic boats and to race in real-time with a very special one-design boat. 

The Wianno Senior is a 25 foot gaff rigged sloop built since 1914 on the Southern shores of Cape Cod (Massachusetts). Designed for the difficult waters of Nantucket Sound, a stretch of sea characterized by strong winds and tidal currents and frequent unmarked sandy shallows. Wianno Senior with her elegant lines, centerboard, low freeboard, wide stern and ample cockpit is still a boat of great fascination on which whole generations of sailors have raced and continue to race. The most famous of them, President Jhon Fitzgerald Kennedy was a great admirer of the Senior. 

A century after being designed, with more than 200 boats being built, six of which in Italy, the Wianno Senior continues her story without major changes. Even the transition at the end of the eighties, to the construction in fiberglass has maintained unchanged its characteristics, performances and appearance. 

With the agreement signed with Wianno Senior Class Association (WSCA),  Wianno Senior Italia has been granted the licence to build, sell and promote Wianno Seniors in Europe. Six new boats have already been built in Italy.

For the diffuson of Wianno Senior in the North of France and Atlantic Coasts, an agreement has been signed in May 2015 between WSI and Francis Van de Welde of The Boat Watcher C°. 

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